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Fairfield Friends Cemetery, Hendricks County
Henry Reynolds b.8 Aug 1787, d.1 Oct 1851
Mary Jones Reynolds b.28 Sep 1796, d.8 Feb 1845
Pleasant Hill Cemetery, South English, Keokuk County
(photos courtesy SuJeanne Foster)
John Wesley Stokesberry b.22 Sep 1813, d.24 Jun 1896
Mahalia Reynolds Stokesberry b.22 Sep 1816, d.6 Mar 1859
Alpine Cemetery, Osage County
Joshua Stokesberry b.3 Aug 1818, d.5 Mar 1882
  and Bethania Reynolds Stokesberry b.25 Dec 1813, d.15 Nov 1885
James W. Kenney b.1869, d.1959
  and Alice B. Ely Kenney b.1869, d.1955
Eliza J. Stokesberry Ely b.9 Jun 1836, d.18 May 1887
  and Lidda F. Ely b.Dec 1872, d.28 Oct 1873
John H. Stokesberry b.20 Apr 1841, d.22 Apr 1885
Sarah Barclay Stokesberry b.15 Sep 1843, d.13 Mar 1874
Sarah A. Massey Stokesberry Reynolds b.~1843, d.17 Mar 1903
Charles G. Reynolds b.1835, d.16 Nov 1909
Daisie D. Stokesberry b.26 Feb 1881, d.26 Dec 1885