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Balltown Cemetery, Horton, Vernon County
Thomas Patrick Kenney b.7 May 1869. d.22 Apr 1950
Virginia "Jenny" Kirk Kenney b.5 Nov 1870, d.19 Mar 1957
Rexie A. Kenney b.3 Oct 1904, d.20 Oct 1905
Ike Kenney b.27 Apr 1898, d.9 May 1971
Lamoygne Hayden Kenney b.6 Dec 1904, d.1 Mar 1986
Marvin Jamison Kenney b.20 May 1912, d.11 Dec 1982
Blue Ridge Cemetery, Grandview, Jackson County
William Booker Talley b.26 Dec 1792, d.7 May 1864
Sarah Ann Smith Talley b.3 Dec 1802, d.12 Apr 1874
Deepwood Cemetery, Nevada, Vernon County
Isabell Mae Huckaby b.25 Aug 1930, d.7 Apr 1937
William Henry Frizelle b.23 Jun 1873, d.22 Mar 1908
Floyd Abner Frizelle b.16 Nov 1898, d.6 Jul 1899
Squire Henry Moore b.14 Dec 1873, d.13 Feb 1910
Charles Wesley Stokesberry b.28 July 1872, d.21 Oct 1933
Harold W. Huckaby b.27 Nov 1902, d.d.17 Mar 1976
  and Viola Leota Stokesberry Huckaby b.12 Dec 1911, d.11 Jan 1993
John Sumler Stokesberry b.13 May 1874, d.3 Apr 1960
  and Nora Isabel Smith Frizelle Moore Stokesberry b.26 May 1872, d.29 Dec 1950
Sarah Jemima Davis Howard Stokesberry b.4 Sep 1864, d.13 Oct 1910
Greenlawn Cemetery, Rich Hill, Bates County
Wallace Kenney b.25 Jan 1890, d.17 Feb 1963
Nellie Ann Nelson Kenney b.2 Sep 1891, d.16 Apr 1948
Raymond Nelson Kenney b.25 Sep 1913, d.7 Jun 1947
Nellie Viola Crosswhite Kenney Baggett b.3 Sep 1913, d.12 May 1977
Marvin Chapel Cemetery, Vernon County
Angeline Gasaway Stokesberry b.27 Aug 1849, d.14 Jun 1896
  and Nora M. Stokesberry Hazlett b.21 Feb 1882, d.13 Dec 1902
Calvin Stokesberry b.29 Dec 1846, d.5 Jan 1926
Mary E. Kessler Stokesberry b.Apr 1875, d.Oct 1901
Sheridan McGovney b.13 Apr 1866, d.11 Apr 1885
Palestine Cemetery, Jackson County
Floyd Davis b.4 Mar 1901, d.Jun 1976
Edith Jean Talley Davis b.18 Oct 1909, d.16 Nov 1987
Beverly Talley b.31 Jan 1836, d.2 Feb 1893
Eliza Jane Edgington Talley b.27 Sep 1837, d.25 Oct 1903
Sarah Margaret Talley King b.1861, d.18 Oct 1897
Oliver Talley
William B.Talley b.30 Nov 1877, d.7 Oct 1925
  and Emma B. Menz Talley b.1883, d.1949
Cecil Vernon Talley b.13 May 1901, d.31 Jan 1933
Jessie M. Talley b.17 Feb 1918, d.1 Dec 1999
Peculiar Cemetery, Peculiar, Cass County
John W. Kibler b.1 Nov 1877, d.15 Nov 1877
Tryphena Hinkle Buck b.23 Sep 1803, d.3 Sep 1893
  and Ralph C. Wilson b.7 Nov 1883, d.25 Dec 1897
Sandstone Cemetery, Vernon County
Caleb Rhea b.1838, d.1896
  and Isabell Kimbro Rhea Stokesberry b.Dec 1845, d.1916
Elizabeth Wolford b.14 Sep 1832, d.28 Mar 1891
Truman Presidential Library, Independence, Jackson County
Harry S Truman b.8 May 1884, d.26 Dec 1972
Elizabeth Virginia Wallace Truman b.13 Feb 1885, d.18 Oct 1982