The following lists are abstracts of marriage records kept by pastors of Assumption Catholic Church in Cedron, Moniteau County, Missouri.  The source was found on microfilm in the collection of the Latter Day Saints Family History Library, on microfilm #980514.  The lists were compiled by Brett Clifford and Libby Herbig using the facilities of the St. Louis County Library Special Collections Department.  The film can be rented through your local Family History Center or many public libraries.
  Every effort has been made to assure accuracy, but as with any human endeavor, errors are sure to occur.  Some of the records were faded, and interpreting handwriting is always an adventure.  Prior to 1911, the records were kept in Latin, and the names transformed to rough Latin approximations.  We have tried to return the given names to English, but this leads to further confusion ("Annam," for instance, could be the Latinized version of "Ann," "Anne," of "Anna.").  Any records that left us scratching our heads are marked thusly: "?".  We have included only the names of the brides and grooms and, where given, their home towns.  We encourage anyone seeking other details, such as witness names, to consult the records.  If you have any questions, comments, or corrections, please feel free to contact me at the e-mail address below.
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Marriages 1884-1889
Marriages 1890-October 1900
Marriages November 1900-June 1934
Marriages December 1934-1939
Marriages 1941-1951
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